About Us  

SBS Logistics (Established in 2004) provides a highly professional and competitively 
priced service to the Taxidermy Industry in Southern Africa, and to their clients around 
the world.
With over 20 years of experience in shipping and handling of Hunting Trophies, the
founders of SBS Logistics provide a total door to door product, with constant monitoring
of third party service providers and regular feedback to both the Taxidermist and Hunter.
With our wide range of services covering all aspects of the transportation chain, 
we ensure that each consignment is packed, routed and delivered to it's destination in 
both an efficient and Timely manner. 
We follow up on each shipment and provide important feedback to the taxidermist, 
ensuring that the client is satisfied with his consignment and the service's they received.
For Taxidermists or Hunters requiring a competitive quotation and further insight into
the range of services we provide you can either contact us, or request a quote from our
web site. 

We Guarantee you will not be disappointed.