1.                  The Dimensions of each crate in centimetres.

2.                  The Actual Weight of each crate.

3.                  The airline / shipping line being used.

4.                  The declared value for customs in South Africa.

5.                  The Insurance value your trophies are being insured for.

6.                  To which nearest Fish & Wildlife Airport / Seaport of entry the trophies have been routed to.

7.                  Packing and collection Costs if any by the agent.

8.                  Any other charges that me be charged such as funds being collected on behalf of the Taxidermist.

If you have the above information, you should be able to provide this to any transport agent who would then be able to give you an accurate estimate to have your trophies shipped to you via Airfreight or Seafreight.

 The crates containing processed trophies will normally be quite large and light in comparison to their size, whereas skins and skulls just dipped and packed would be considerably smaller and heavy.

Airlines and Shipping lines both charge on either the size or weight of any crate, and have their own unique method of calculating these costs. This is in the transport industry known as Actual weight and volumetric weight, and below we explain how this is calculated.

The following is based on 1 crate weighing 180. Kgs and having Dimensions of

Length: 125 cm, Width 125 cm and Height 100 cm

 Airlines work on the full amount of centimetres without any decimal points.

 Airfreight:         Length x Width x Height =  Total.

This is then divided by 6000 = Volumetric Mass

IE:        Dimensions in Centimetres: 125 x 125 x 100 = 1562500.

            Divided by 6000 = Volumetric Mass of 260.4166

Rounded up to the nearest 0.5 of a kilogram = 260.5 Kgs

 You would be charged for 260 kilograms as this is greater than the actual weigh of the crate. The airlines provide a rate per kilogram, and have break points of Less the 100. Kgs Greater than 100. Kgs, Greater than 300, 500 and 1000 kilograms.

The above would be calculated on the rate for greater than 100 kilograms.

 Shipping lines work on the full amount of meters and centimetres with the decimal point inserted.

 Seafreight:        Length x Width x Height = Total

                        This total is the total amount of cubic meters of your crate.

                         IE:        Dimensions in Centimetres: 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.00 = 1.5625

                         You would be charged for 1.5625 cubic meters.

Your trophies would be packed into a consolidated Seafreight container and your estimate would be calculated based upon the amount of cubic meter space your crate takes up inside that container.

Rates are based on per cubic meter or part thereof, so you would be charged for 1.5625 cubic meters.

 Other charges that you may be charged that could be related to your consignment are:


1.                  Packing:                             If packed by the transport agent.

2.                  Cartage / Collection:           The transportation from taxidermist premises

                                                      through to the agents warehousing facility

3.                  Permit Applications:            If the agent applies for the permits on behalf of

                                                      the taxidermist.

4.                  Export Documentation:       The preparation of your export documents and

                                                      making the declaration to customs.

5.                  Handling:                            The handling of you goods such as the loading

                                                      and offloading of your crate at the agents

                                                      warehouse, marking and weighing of the crate/s.

6.                  Communication Fee’s:        The cost of communications between the agent

                                                      and yourself and the airline / shipping lines.

7.         Insurance:                           The insurance premium that is charged to cover
                                                      your consignment during transport, should any
                                                      damage or loss occur.

8.         Courier Fee’s:                    The cost of couriering your transport documents
                                                      to either yourself or the overseas representative.

9.        Agency:                               This fee is to cover the costs of using the agent

                                                       staff and experience as well as their   Infrastructure.

10.      Disbursement Fee:               This fee is raised to cover the costs of the agent

                                                      for disbursing funds on your behalf such as

                                                      Freight, Permit Applications, Transport

                                                      Costs etc. As Banks charge to disburse funds on

                                                      your behalf, so do agents.

11.     Storage:                                If you request your trophies to be stored, or

                                                      storage has taken place in an Airline or

                                                      Government warehouse.

12.     Charges Collect Fee:            If a clients shipment is sent where the receiving

                                                      agent in the country of destination is to collect the

                                                      funds on the exporting agents behalf, the

                                                      exporting agent can or will raise a fee to cover the

                                                      bank and administration costs on having the funds

                                                      transferred back to them.

This is a standard charge within the industry.