1. On check in, ensure that you hand in your arms to the airline. The airline will ensure that they are placed in a secure hold on the aircraft and will be well taken care of.
    Do not bring any ammunition, as it is against the International Air Transport Associationís rules and regulations for airlines to transport live ammunition on any passenger flight.
    If you are connecting on to another flight during your trip, ensure that your weapons are checked through all the way to final destination.
    If you plan to stop over in another country for a few days while on-route, it would be highly recommended that you contact the embassy or consulate of that country to establish what you are to do with your weapons during your stop over period. The airline MAY provide a facility where they will keep it on a secure storage area during this time, but donít take that for granted.
    When in doubt, check with the airline.
  2. On arrival at your final destination, check that your weapons have not been tampered with and are in good order.
    Declare your weapons to customs and complete the necessary forms for the temporary importation. Keep these forms in a safe place at all times, and not together with your weapon. You will need to present it to customs when departing.
    You will need to produce your gun licence, proof of where you will be residing and the length of your intended stay.
    Customs in African countries can be slow and you may find you will have to repeat yourself to various parties, be patient.

  3. Ensure that you are either being met by the Professional Hunter or his representativeís, or that you have arranged car hire or transport to collect you.
    If you intend to hire transport, ensure that it is booked in advance.
    South Africa is fast becoming one of the largest tourist destinations in the world and you may find yourself stranded if prior arrangements are not made.
    If you are taking any courtesy transport such as hotel busses or a chartered transport service, ensure that they are made aware that you have weapons and that they are stored in a safe place.

  4. In South Africa, weapons have to be locked in a safe place at all times when not being used, and therefore if you are staying in a hotel during your stay you are to ensure that your weapons are locked in the hotel safe.
    If your weapon/s is/are lost or stolen due to your negligence, you will have problems with the South Africa Police and could well face a criminal charge.
    Do not leave your weapons un-attended at any time during your stay, unless you have handed them in to be locked away in the Lodge or Hotel safe.