Choosing a Taxidermist   

To complete your hunting experience you would invariably want to have your hunting trophies mounted, either by a taxidermist in Southern Africa or one in your home country.

Taxidermists in Southern Africa are highly qualified to process your trophies to an exacting standard as they have had the luxury of studying the animals in their natural environment, which an overseas taxidermist may not have had the opportunity, however there are some overseas taxidermists that can and do provide extremely high standard of mounts.

The ultimate decision lays with you the hunter, and you should pay careful consideration to whom you would ultimately place your taxidermy with.


There are a vast amount of Taxidermists in South Africa to choose from and you would be highly advised to visit some to give you an idea of the quality of the mounts that you could expect to receive.

The taxidermist should be able to provide you with a price list of the services he provides and in most cases a brochure showing various mounts completed.