Southern Africa has a tremendous amount of hunting lodges and professional hunters that can provide virtually any kind of hunting experience you are looking for.

Accommodation and the services provided in virtually all cases can only be related to in terms of staying in a five star hotel, however, remember that you are staying in the bush and some things may be beyond the capabilities of your host.

 The winter climate is invariably dry, warm to hot during the day and mild to bitterly cold during the night depending on the area you are hunting.

The Summer climate is warm to extremely hot, with seasonal rains, and the evenings are mild to warm, depending on the area you are hunting.

Speak to your professional hunter who will advise you on the appropriate wearing apparel for day as well as night.

 During your hunt, try not to let the experience go beyond your financial resources, as they can do quite easily. Many a hunter has come to hunt in Africa with a view to hunt certain animals, and have gone home with a lot more, only to find that they have run into financial difficulties when it comes to paying for the additional charges that are to come.

Always bare in mind that it may only cost a few hundred dollars to shoot an additional animal, but the costs of processing, transport and the taxidermy costs are yet to be added.

Try and set yourself a budget and stick to it.

 During your stay it may be suggested to you to use the services of a taxidermist that is recommended by your hunting lodge or professional hunter. If you decide to do so please ensure that you read our page on additional costs.

 If you were provided with tags from your outfitter or taxidermist, please ensure that the animal is skinned and tagged in front of you, and that your tags are securely placed on the skin and skull.

 Upon departing from your hunting lodge, ensure that you receive a copy of the hunting register from your professional hunter and that it lists all the animals that you have hunted during your stay.

Please keep this in a safe place as you may need it in many months to come as it can take anywhere between 6 & 24 months before your trophies are ready to be shipped to you.