Marine Insurance


Your cargo has been insured for the duration of its transit journey from Africa to its final destination.

The Total Sum Insured is based on the price paid for the actual animal(s); plus the cost of the taxidermy work carried out in Africa; plus the Forwarding and Freight Costs plus 10% of the total value. Claims for loss or damage will be based on the Total Sum Insured pro rata to the individual values declared for insurance purposes.

The policy is a transit insurance and cover applies from the time the goods are loaded at place named in policy, continues whilst the cargo is in the ordinary course of transit and terminates either -

  1. on delivery to your place of storage at the destination named in the insurance certificate or,
  2. on delivery to any other warehouse or place of storage - whether prior to or at the named destination - which you decide to use for storage or any other purpose, or
  3. on expiry of 60 days after completion of discharge from vessel at the final port of dischargewhichever shall first occur

The insurance covers All Risks  per the internationally recognised Institute Cargo Clauses (A) including War Strikes & Civil Commotions.  General Average and Salvage Costs are also insured - but in terms of standard exclusions there will in no case be cover for any claims for loss or damage as a result of:

  1. Wilful misconduct by the Insured
  2. Ordinary loss in weight / leakage / or ordinary wear and tear
  3. Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing
  4. Inherent vice and the nature of the subject matter insured
  5. Unfitness of aircraft conveyance container or liftvan for the safe carriage of the cargo
  6. Delay
  7. Insolvency or financial default of owners/agents/operators of craft/vessel
  8. Atomic / nuclear fusion
  9. Loss of or frustration of the voyage


It is the duly of the Insured and the receiving Agents in all cases to take such measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimising a loss and to ensure that all rights against Carriers, Bailees or other third parties are properly preserved and exercised.  The Insured or the Agents MUST :

  1. In no circumstances, except under written protest, give clean receipts where the goods are in a doubtful condition.
  2. To claim immediately on the Carriers or other Bailees for any missing packages.
  3. To apply immediately for survey by Carriers or Bailees if any loss or damage be apparent and claim on Carriers/Bailees for any actual loss/damage found at such survey.
  4. To give notice in writing to Carriers or Bailees within 3 days of delivery if the loss or damage was not apparent at the time of taking delivery.

The onus is on the Claimant to produce - and to submit to Underwriters following the initial advice of claim - the necessary documentary evidence to prove, to the satisfaction of a Court of Law if necessary:

  • The claimant had an insurable interest at the time of the loss.
  • The loss/damage took place during the time the policy was in force.
  • The loss/damage was caused by a risk covered by the policy.
  • The recovery rights against third parties responsible for the loss/damage have been protected.
  • The amount of the claim - including the various invoices in support of the total sum insured and if the claim is for damages, a quotation from your local taxidermist for the cost of repairs.