Veterinary Certificate Requirements

Normally  a vet certificate is required with every shipment of hunting trophies whether fully processed to final product or Dip and Pack (unprocessed)

 The new ruling from the Vet dept in SA is that you no longer require a vet cert with fully processed shipments going into the EU countries or USA.  However some countries are still requesting them.  We contacted one of the brokers in Denmark and asked him what are their vet requirements for Importation of the trophies and this is his response.  


Denmark do not require VET certificate for fully processed trophies, but some other EU Countries still ask for them.

 Denmark only requires a statement from the taxidermist, that the trophies have been treated so and so.

Please note, that even a skull/horn that is fully bleached BUT NOT mounted on a shield, requires a VET certificate.

 If the same fully bleached skull/horn is mounted on a shield, no VET certificate is required.

 It sounds strange, but in according to the EU regulations, a skull/horn is NOT fully processed if it has to be put on a shield in a EU country.

 Some then put the skull/horn on a "cheap" plate/shield in RSA, and after arrival/Customs Clearance in Denmark change the shield to the one they want.

 Fully bleached skull/horns where the shields are packed loose in the crate require a VET certificate.  In these cases, it is better to put on the shield before shipping.